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I AM ONE Podcast

Dani Giddens

Postpartum Support International (PSI) staff and volunteers reflect on their own lived experience during the perinatal period (pregnancy + postpartum). Guests will explain how they sought & received help, and how they’re supporting the mental health of new families now. We’ll illustrate PSI’s core belief, that “You are not alone; You are not to blame; With help you will be well,” through storytelling. Each episode will demonstrate that none of us are alone, and that no matter our story, we can all say, “I AM ONE,” of many who are touched by Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders. Whether you’re seeking stories from someone who’s been there, or looking for a way to channel your passion for perinatal mental health advocacy, we hope to offer encouragement while making room for the serious and the silly. There is strength in processing trauma and empowerment in sharing stories – so that’s what we’re here to do! I AM ONE is the official podcast of "Climb Out of the Darkness", a program of Postpartum Support International.